Art Has Made Me Who I Am

If I had to pick one thing in school I was truly good at it would be art. I have always been able to draw and paint as if it were my second nature. The only problem I have is that I am unaware of many techniques to drawing and painting. This is exactly why I enrolled in art school for this fall. I want to further my education in art so that way I can get good enough to actually have my paintings worth something more than a few bucks. Right now my paintings go for maybe $40.00 on canvas. It is frustrating because I put so much heart into these paintings and I sell it for hardly anything. It is very hard to cope with at times. That is why I need art school to help get a little bit better with my brush strokes and how to wisp around my corners. Those are two things that I have always seemed to have some difficulty with.

I know the people around me think that I will never make a living off selling my art but in all reality I can if I move to the right area. I agree that I probably won’t get much living in the state of Maine, but if I move to California or New York than I know I will have a great chance at becoming a successful artist. The uniqueness of my pieces are out of this world and there has to be tons of people willing to appreciate the true beauty of it by purchasing it. If it doesn’t work out in whatever state I will be moving to than I will become a traveling artist. I would travel across the entire world just to have a chance at selling my art work. There is nothing more satisfying in this world than creating a masterpiece and having somebody love it so much that they want to purchase it for a very decent amount of money.

I know these things are not happening right away, but it is all just nice to think about. For now I will just remain excited at the fact that I will be starting art school in only a matter of months! I honestly hope that at least one class covers the process of selling your drawings/paintings. I want to know all the places to go where I can display my art and places that I can set up a tent of some sorts to try and sell my art on the streets. I don’t know if they would condone that type of stuff but if they do I need to know the best parts of the state to at least try. I am relentless when in comes to my art work. I am actually surprised that I am not nervous about starting school. As of right now I am just filled with excitement, joy and plenty of pride.

How to Advance Your Career

Having a job is a great accomplishment; however, if you want to advance your career, or make sure that you keep your current job, there are several things you can do. Write down your career goals. Writing down specifics will help make them more concrete. Take time to think through where you want to be within the next two years, five years and ten years. Decide what steps you will take to reach these goals. Review your plan and update it from time to time.

You obviously must do a good job, but you also need to make sure that your employer realizes that you are going a good job. By bringing accomplishments to your employer’s attention will let them know that you expect to be rewarded for a job well done. Some experts suggest that you think of yourself as an independent contractor rather than an employee. By thinking of yourself in this way, you will do your very best, while learning everything you can about your company.

Taking extra courses, continuing to educate yourself on new and innovative topics relating to your job, will help boost your confidence and make you are a greater asset to your employer. Trust your instincts about your current position. If you feel that it is not the right position for you, or your feel that there is no potential for advancement, make a change. Your employer may be able to help you within your current place of employment.

Network with other people, so you can find out about other opportunities, not that you have to change jobs currently, but you will be more informed about what is available. Stay interested in your job. Enjoying what you do, will make you a lot happier and a lot more successful.

Is a Nursing Degree Right for You?

When trying to decide whether a nursing degree is right for you, there are several ways of going about it. You may want to talk to other people who are in the field and get an idea of what the work is really like. Ask people who work as nurses if they truly enjoy their work. If you think that you would like to get a nursing degree, you can start out by just tiptoeing into the water. Take a few courses at your local community college. Be sure that you take the courses that will eventually transfer to an accredited nursing school.

Community College Courses

If a community college is not nearby or does not offer a nursing program, consider taking some courses online; again make sure that these will be accepted by an accredited university with a nursing program later on. You can begin by taking biology classes or courses in mathematics. These are the courses you will need to begin with.

If you already have a Bachelor’s Degree, you can get in some fast track programs and get your nursing degree within 16 months. These programs usually require a full time commitment. If you need to continue working while you earn your degree, you can earn credits towards a nursing degree by continuing to take courses online. Once you have accumulated at least 60 hours of credits, you can then transfer your credits to a college or university that has an accredited nursing program and finish your course work there.

Different Levels of Nursing

Different levels of nursing degrees include a Licensed Practical Nurse, a Registered Nurse, a Nurse Practitioner, a Master’s in Nursing and a Master’s in Nurse Practitioner. Nurse Practitioners perform many functions once only doctors performed.

An accredited nursing school will have not only the required course work, but they will be able to set you up for clinical experience as well. After completing your nursing program, you will have to take a licensing exam. Check with your state licensing board to find out the requirements for your state.

My Adventure to a Better Future

Eleven years ago I met my wife while I was in the process of getting my associates degree. We fell in love and got married right away. I have had unstable jobs in the past years due to not having my degree. I was finally given to opportunity to work with a great company, starting from the bottom. Now, years later I have gone back to further my education and excel in my career.

Having a family, full time job, and being a student is a challenge. However, learning about the business world today within my studies is exciting and opens many doors of opportunity. Getting a degree in business will allow me to apply for higher positions within my career. It will allow me to move on up the ladder, being able to support my family and live life to the fullest.

Education is one of the most important things that a person can obtain because it pays for itself. To be knowledgeable within your work expertise feels good, and improves your life in so many ways.

Taking classes to further my education has given me to opportunity to have a career which betters my life by supplying me with the income I need to support my family. The title of my career is respected and allows me to have more than a job that I go to everyday.

Once I am done with my education and I obtain my degree I will be able to nearly double my salary. The doors of opportunities will open up where I can move more quickly within the position. It will open up my horizons to the new world and help me eventually become a business man that is running the show.

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